WAXING DO’S AND DON’TS:  Beginning the day of your waxing service, and every day thereafter, be sure to exfoliate the skin using a soft bath brush or loofah. Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment and avoid soaking, heavy exercise or anything that may irritate your skin for the rest of the day. You will be sensitive for an hour or so and the pores are wide open. Hair must be approximately 1/4″ in length for optimum results. It can be done at 1/8″ but there may be hair cycling that isn’t quite through the skin yet, this will result in a slight stubble within a week of your service.  It is advised that you trim the bikini area prior to a Brazilian wax–see “What Is  Barzilian Wax” at the bottom of the home page for detailed instructions and information about this process. You may take an advil or other anti inflammatory medication 20 minutes prior to your appointment time if you are sensitive. Please avoid aspirin and alcohol as these may cause bruising.


Half Leg  $30

Full Leg   $50

Bikini   $30

G-String   $35

Brazilian   $60

Full Arm   $40

Fore Arm   $25

Under Arm   $20

Eyebrow   $15

Lip or Chin   $15

Jaw   $20

Nostrils   $15

Back   $60

Chest   $60


Brow Tint   $20

Brow Wax & Tint   $30


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