Permanent Makeup

Gia Porter is a certified Intradermal Cosmetic Technician with 17 years of experience. She was trained by the American Academy of Micropigmentation in California, Boca Ta2 in Florida, and The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics in Texas.  She is also certified in Topical Anesthesia. She maintains a current certificate in Blood-born Pathogens and standing membership in the Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

Gia specializes in the Hand Method /Micro Needling, Rotary Machine and Digital Machine. Different methods can create different results. For a soft, smudgy effect the hand method is used. For deep color and sharp lines a machine is used. Your makeup should look soft and natural, not obvious and overdone. For added drama you can always add to your eyeliner or darken your brows with a pencil. Remember that this is a tattoo, it is on your face for the long run. You will wear it to the gym, hiking, camping, swimming, etc. Bear this in mind when selecting your color. Heavy black lines around the eyes may not be particularly flattering when you are 80. It may also have an effect on whether or not you are a candidate for certain types of plastic surgery. So while Gia is happy to accommodate all kinds of requests, we advise you to keep it soft.  If you are interested in a full lip, only pinks and browns are advised. Typically any mauve, red or fuscia will turn blue with time as the pigment breaks down. It can be troublesome to fix and repetitive in nature. She will discuss all of this with you during your consultation.

Consultations are free but an appointment is required. Permanent makeup cannot be booked online. Please call for an appointment.


Eyebrows   $350

Eyeliner Top AND Bottom   $500

Eyeliner Top OR Bottom   $350

Lipliner    $350

Full Lip    $600

Touch Ups   $125


Call Gia for an appointment. 970-252-3329