30 min massage $45

30 min reflexology $35

60 min massage $55

90 min massage $75


Book online or call (970) 252-3329 for an appointment.


Hair Cutsalon chairs

Women’s Hair Cut & Style   $45

Men’s Hair Cut & Style   $33

Children’s Haircut & Style   $25

Bang Trim or Line up (neck)   $10

Shampoo & Style   $30


Color & Texture

Single Color Root Retouch   $65

Partial Highlight   $75+

Full Highlight   $105+

Balayage  $140+

Ombre / Color Melt  $200

Color Blocking   $20 per section

Glaze   $40-75

Color Remover   $65-100

Chemical Straightening   $200-350

Perm   $65-110


Book online or call 970-252-3329 for an appointment.

Manicure          $15

Pedicure           $35

Gel Manicure   $30

Gel Pedicure    $60

Dipped Nails  $40

Toes Polished   $30

We do not offer artificial nail enhancements at this time.



WAXING DO’S AND DON’TS:  Beginning the day of your waxing service, and every day thereafter, be sure to exfoliate the skin using a soft bath brush or loofah. Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment and avoid soaking, heavy exercise or anything that may irritate your skin for the rest of the day. You will be sensitive for an hour or so and the pores are wide open. Hair must be approximately 1/4″ in length for optimum results. It can be done at 1/8″ but there may be hair cycling that isn’t quite through the skin yet, this will result in a slight stubble within a week of your service.  It is advised that you trim the bikini area prior to a Brazilian wax–see “What Is  Barzilian Wax” at the bottom of the home page for detailed instructions and information about this process. You may take an advil or other anti inflammatory medication 20 minutes prior to your appointment time if you are sensitive. Please avoid aspirin and alcohol as these may cause bruising.


Half Leg  $30

Full Leg   $50

Bikini   $30

G-String   $35

Brazilian   $60

Full Arm   $40

Fore Arm   $25

Under Arm   $20

Eyebrow   $15

Lip or Chin   $15

Jaw   $20

Nostrils   $15

Back   $60

Chest   $60


Brow Tint   $20

Brow Wax & Tint   $30


Book Gia online or call 970-252-3329 for an appointment.

Skin Care

Brighten & Tighten Facial   $55

Spa Facial   $65

A relaxing European facial treatment with steam, cleanser, toner and moisture. Basic extractions are performed and the skin is nourished and hydrated with masques and hot towels. Shoulder and hand massage, scalp massage, aromatherapy are included.

Acne Facial   $70

Similar to the Spa Facial in process, but the products are acne oriented for oily, blemish prone skin. Skin is treated with an acid/enzyme combination to soften the sebum, open the pores and remove the bacteria and debris causing the blemishes. Deep extractions are performed to express the pores and restore skin to a healthy, clean state. pH is adjusted and light moisture is applied to soothe and calm the skin.

Light Therapy Facial   $75

Spa facial with LED light therapy. 3Mhz ultrasonic wave treats facial skin very efficiently, even around the delicate eye area. Facial ultrasound is recommended for overall face tightening, tightening double chin and tightening the sagging skin on the sides of the mouth. It can also be effective for dispelling dark undereye circles and reducing undereye bags. The ultrasound wave action increases absorbtion of nutrients and medication and delivers them deeper into the skin. The light emitted by high-powered LEDs offers a high level of therapeutic efficiency similar in principle to photosynthesis.

The most wonderful thing about this service is that it combines two advanced skin therapy techniques: ultrasound and light therapy. In addition to ultrasonic nutrient delivery, your skin absorbs light at specific wavelengths within the red, blue and green spectrum.
Red light at calibrated wavelengths penetrates skin 8-10mm deep and is recommended for all skin types. It reaches deep skin layers and stimulates collagen fiber cell growth. It improves cell metabolism, increases cell turnover and makes skin more elastic and smooth. This light is also suitable for eye area and forehead.
Blue light treats acne and blemishes, by regulating skin sebum secretion. It calms and soothes skin, while creating an antibacterial effect. It is recommended for skin that is oily, sensitive or prone to break outs, but it also safe for all skin types. It can also be used to treat certain types of eczema.

Green light spectrum calms skin, activates micro-circulation and reduces surface inflammation. It can be used to promote lymphatic drainage and reduce undereye bags and circles.
Each specific color spectrum can be applied for 4-8 minutes. Spectrum and wavelength are determined by technician based on skin type and condition.

Vajacial   $30

A quick restorative treatment for unsightly blemishes along the bikini line, including razor burn, ingrown hairs and minor irritation. Anti-bacterial cleanser, exfoliating scrub, enzyme treatment, hot towel, extractions, light toner, and light weight moisture.


Book Gia online or call 970-252-3329 for an appointment.

Permanent Makeup

Gia Porter is a certified Intradermal Cosmetic Technician with 17 years of experience. She was trained by the American Academy of Micropigmentation in California, Boca Ta2 in Florida, and The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics in Texas.  She is also certified in Topical Anesthesia. She maintains a current certificate in Blood-born Pathogens and standing membership in the Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

Gia specializes in the Hand Method /Micro Needling, Rotary Machine and Digital Machine. Different methods can create different results. For a soft, smudgy effect the hand method is used. For deep color and sharp lines a machine is used. Your makeup should look soft and natural, not obvious and overdone. For added drama you can always add to your eyeliner or darken your brows with a pencil. Remember that this is a tattoo, it is on your face for the long run. You will wear it to the gym, hiking, camping, swimming, etc. Bear this in mind when selecting your color. Heavy black lines around the eyes may not be particularly flattering when you are 80. It may also have an effect on whether or not you are a candidate for certain types of plastic surgery. So while Gia is happy to accommodate all kinds of requests, we advise you to keep it soft.  If you are interested in a full lip, only pinks and browns are advised. Typically any mauve, red or fuscia will turn blue with time as the pigment breaks down. It can be troublesome to fix and repetitive in nature. She will discuss all of this with you during your consultation.

Consultations are free but an appointment is required. Permanent makeup cannot be booked online. Please call for an appointment.


Eyebrows   $350

Eyeliner Top AND Bottom   $500

Eyeliner Top OR Bottom   $350

Lipliner    $350

Full Lip    $600

Touch Ups   $125


Call Gia for an appointment. 970-252-3329

Grooming and manscaping for men.

Men’s Haircut & Style   $30
(includes facial hair, brows, nose & ears)

Man’s Barber Cut   $30

Men’s Facial   $65

Men’s Back Facial   $75

Back Waxing   $60

Chest Wax   $40

Chest & Ab Wax   $60

Guybrow Wax    $15

Hot Shave    $25



Book online or call 970-252-3329 for an appointment.



A la Carte

Up-do   $60-75

Makeup   $40

Manicure   $15

Pedicure   $40

1/2 Leg Wax   $30

Bikini Wax   $30

Brazilian Bikini Wax   $60


Wedding Packages

Full Bridal Package   $500

Get ready for your big day with an Up-do, Makeup, Mani/Pedi, Bikini & Brow Wax, Facial and One Hour Massage.  Since this is a large package and will take several hours, you may chose to split up the services. You may also share the package with a friend if you do not wish to have some of the services for yourself. Enjoy a light mimosa, relax, and let us transform you into your most radiant self.


Bridal Elite   $200

Hair, Makeup, Nails, Toes, Brow Wax, 20 minute Chair Massage and Mimosas.  Again, you may choose to split up the services and have the nails and toes done the day prior so you can save time.


Bridal Express   $100

Up-do or Blow out, Brow Wax, Makeup and Mimosas.


*We prefer to perform services in our facility, but on-location services are available for an additional fee. Please note that in such cases there is a $300 minimum.

**If you are having an Up-do done on your wedding day, please remember to wear something that can be easily removed without pulling it over your head.

For Weddings, please call for an appointment.